Using phones in FLT

An idea – how to use technology in classroom

This is a great idea that can take up a lot of classroom hours 🙂 It can be done individually or in groups, and can be modified and extended to other activities.

Setting up a task can be a bit tricky, though. What can our objectives be? Practicing a variety of discourse markers, cause and effect structures, what if – second conditionals to warn against taking the wrong step… Can you think of other conventional grammatical/vocabulary units that can be exploited in such an activity?

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One Response to Using phones in FLT

  1. paulwalsh says:

    Hi there,

    This was actually a lesson which came from a ‘Lesson Jam’ put on by our teacher group last year. But it does fit the three principles that I use when designing learning activities:

    Hackable – Teachers should be able to modify, remix and adapt these lessons for their contexts
    Context-independent – The lessons should have broad appeal, not be limited to one setting/ context
    Level-independent – The lessons should work across a variety of levels

    If anyone uses this lesson – tell me your ‘hacks’ or improvements!



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